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The Complete Solution

Red Door Team

Sherri Hansen and Carmen Johnson, a mother daughter duo, together formed the Red Door Team...

Sherri Hansen and Carmen Johnson, a mother daughter duo, together formed the Red Door Team...

Feb 8 4 minutes read

Do you like the sounds of this title? 

 “The Complete Solution”    

A solution is always good but, “The Complete Solution" Well that's the one that will send you to the moon and back! Okay, let's not get to carried away, going to the moon and back might just be reserved for the “First Love” or some other very life transforming event.   Yet, we think of “The Complete Solution” as a way to transform things in your home, facilitating your desires to move, downsize, and relocate. 

Where did we start with the idea of offering “The Complete Solution” with experience?  

Before you, there have been others that needed solutions in facilitating a move. We were there to help!  As the project manager or as the facilitator or offering support and information, we were there.

“The Complete Solution is what we want you to call on us for.  We bring to you the people who can get things done. 

Most people need resources to call on that they can first “Trust” that are “Competent” and help achieve the desired results.  We look to our resources to provide our clients with a high level of service.  The days of opening the phone book to call the Plumber or the carpenter are over.  Most people want to know that the person who enters their home would come recommended and with a high service record too

This is what The Red Door Team is committed to.  Providing our clients with Service providers in all areas that will help our clients achieve extra ordinary results when selling or buying a home.   We interview these providers, request that they complete a back ground check, verify that they have the appropriate Business licenses, and are in good standing with their clients.

When we meet up with our clients to review their plans for making a move we can then bring to them a team of providers that;

  1. Can Trust  2. Will do a great job  3. Are a pleasure to work with

We see it as our role to oversee, like a Project Manager, the process.  This helps our clients to feel confident that they are not being over charged, have not left something out, or that a different solution was possible. In our experience moving 100’s of clients through relocation's we know what the issues can be and want to see our clients experience the results that are both financially rewarding as well as being virtually free of stress.

If you are looking for “The Complete Solution” check the list and let us know what service providers you may need and we will set a time to do a project review with you.

Finance, Housing and Real Estate Power Partner Categories: 

Home Security
Property Manager
Home Warranty
Interior Designer
Tax Attorney
Long Term Care Insurance
Locksmith/ Locks
Life Insurance
Medicare Insurance
Mortgage Consultant
Pest Control
Pet Services
Carpet / Home Cleaning
Elder Care Advisory Service
Estate/ Auction Sale
Financial Planner / Wealth Management
Funeral Services
Health Professional
Heating / Air Conditioning
Home Inspector
Home Insurance
Attorney / Elder Care / Estate

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