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Ten Reasons the Holidays Are A Good Time to Sell!

Red Door Team

Sherri Hansen and Carmen Johnson, a mother daughter duo, together formed the Red Door Team...

Sherri Hansen and Carmen Johnson, a mother daughter duo, together formed the Red Door Team...

Feb 8 4 minutes read

Red Door Holiday

You may be thinking, What, did I read that right? Most people think that selling a home during the holidays would be the worst time to sell. But in fact, there are a few good reasons why listing your house during the holidays has advantages. We've come up with a list of 10 to get your wheels turning.

1) SERIOUS BUYERS - People who are out looking for a home during the holidays are very serious buyers. With so much activity around the holidays, the non-serious buyer will opt to wait and start looking to purchase a home after the First of the year. The holiday buyer usually has specific plans and/or needs that require a home purchase in the immediate time frame.

2) LESS INVENTORY - Because the hustle and bustle of family vacations, gatherings with friends and holiday shopping take up the majority of time, people opt to wait to put their home on the market, except you! Your home becomes more recognizable and easily searchable because there is less inventory on the market.

3) MORE INVENTORY AFTER HOLIDAYS - Once the holidays are over, sellers decide to put their house on the market before Spring, which means your home has to compete with all the other similar homes on the market post holidays. Listing now ensures your home will be seen.

4) EMOTIONAL PURCHASE - When people are out scouring the market in November and December, they are not only serious buyers, but they're also emotional buyers as well. Depending on what is going on in a buyer's life, being in the market to make a large purchase usually indicates are greater emotional need to be in their home by the First of the year or even at Christmas.

5) PEOPLE ARE ON VACATION - Many people get a lot of time off during the holidays, which makes it a great time to contact an agent and walk through homes during the week while people are at work.

6) TAXES - Often people are looking to make a primary home purchase or even a second home before the calendar year is over for tax purposes.

7) JANUARY JOB STARTS - Many new jobs begin in January, and people need to relocate fast to be ready. Having a holiday home listing enables buyers to quickly look at homes on the market and make a quick purchase decision.

8) RESTRICT SHOWINGS - Because serious buyers may be previewing homes during the week, sellers will be able to restrict showings on the weekend and on holidays, but still have their homes on the market. It's the best of both worlds: having a home for sale, but restricting showings during the holiday season for times that suit you.

9) DELAYED CLOSINGS - With inventory low, and buyers serious, sellers are able to command a higher price, but delay closing or extend occupancy until the end of the year.

10) NON-CONTINGENT BUYER - When your house sells, you'll have an opportunity to take advantage of better prices and more inventory in the Spring. This allows you to sell high and get more money, and get more FOR your money when it's time to purchase your next home.

There you have it! Ten reasons why the holidays are a good time to sell. If you were thinking about waiting to put your home on the market until after the holidays, but may be convinced that now might be the right time, give us a call and we can help you make an informed decision.

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