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She did a fantastic job as my realtor

My entire experience working with Leiya Konetchy was exceptional. I had an unfavorable experience with an out of state realtor so I had my reservations about working with another realtor. Leiya did everything she could to exceed my expectations and earn my trust. From the point I first met with her, I asked very direct questions and she answered them openly and honestly. Once I found a home I was comfortable making an offer on Leiya's coaching on how I could be competitive with my offer but still protect my best interest was incredible. My very first offer on a Seattle condo purchase was accepted thanks to Leiya. Further, once I was under contract, Leiya worked as hard as she could to ensure a seamless process. She remained in constant communication, when I had a question she got the answer immediately, and she would not move forward at any point until she knew I was 100% comfortable. I know I could not have done it without her and when the purchase was complete I walked away feeling like I made a very wise choice. Any client would be extremely fortunate to have Leiya as their realtor.

What made Leiya different from other realtors I worked with, was she looked at me as a human being who was about to make a significant investment. She treated every aspect of the purchase as if she was buying the home herself and I really appreciated that. I was very guarded at first but I found myself trusting her more as we progressed. I could tell she really cared me and how I felt about the purchase. If I could buy 10 houses I would-- and I would have Leiya as my realtor for each and every one of them. She did a fantastic job as my realtor.

-T. S, Seattle, WA

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