Wouldn't it be great to start the New Year decluttered and organized? Now is a great time to sort through belongings while putting away decorations, and finding a place for those new gifts. We have an easy system for getting organized we share at our seminars, that have helped our clients declutter.

When starting the process of decluttering, perspective is the key. Sorting through treasured belongings can be an emotional process, but it doesn't have to be done in the framework of 'throwing away.' Here are a few ways to make decluttering easier and less emotional.


To eliminate the overwhelm that can occur when decluttering, begin with the least used room in your house. This allows you to feel successful right away because there are minimal items to sort through. Think of a guest bedroom or living room.


Extra drawers in the kitchen can become dumping grounds for all of those extra little things laying around. Take a few minutes to sort through those drawers to eliminate a duplicate purchase of something like batteries or pens. You might be surprised that these drawers hold exactly what you are looking for.


In order to concentrate on a given task, set mini goals and reward yourself when you reach them. For example, when you want to organize your closet, try to do it in sections rather than the whole thing. Sort through your shoes one day and then dresses or coats the next. Reward yourself when you are done which makes tackling the next goal more fun.


Tell a friend or family member that you are decluttering. It might even make the task more enjoyable if you invited someone over to help you get it done by a certain day. Telling somebody about your goals will help you achieve them even faster.


Ask yourself, 'Do I really need it?' Most of the time we really think we need something, but in reality we only use it a couple of times, or even just once a year. If you're decluttering due to a move, ask yourself if it will fit into your new living situation. If it's a large item, it may not fit into your new home. Asking yourself these questions help you begin the process of decluttering.


  • When sorting through your closet, begin by taking a week to put things you don't wear on the right side of your closet. After a week you'll begin to see the things that can be donated or given away to a friend.
  • Use colored dot stickers to sort through items over a period of time. Designate which color is for donating, giving away, throwing away or keeping.
  • Begin with the end in mind. What is the goal of decluttering? What are your plans for the room? Knowing your goal will help you work backwards from there.
  • Make the process faster by eliminating a step. Do you really need to fold all of your clothes, or could they be hung directly from the dryer ready to wear?

We hope these tips help you begin the year decluttered and organized whether you are downsizing or just making your life a little bit easier in the moment. Stay tuned for information about our seminars on decluttering. Happy New Year!