Now that you've decided to sell your house, it's important to put some thought into how your house is perceived by potential buyers. Your collection of tea cups and 1920's memorabilia are beautiful, but your house has a new purpose, and that is to speak to the greatest possible pool of potential buyers and get sold quickly and for more money!

Think of professional staging like a candy store. You want people to feel like they want everything in it and could spend a lot of time there. Buyers are emotional creatures and you want your home to create a positive emotional experience for them. In doing so, the demand for your home is greater and in most cases, the selling price is higher.

So what exactly does a professional stager do? It's their job to take an objective approach to your house, and place furniture and other items in a way that showcases the positive attributes of your house, making rooms feel larger and organized. Because they have a unique eye, they'll be able to bring up the perceived value of your home in a way that resonates with a greater number of people.

The way they do this is by de-cluttering, rearranging, depersonalizing and neutralizing. In many cases they will edit your belongings and blend them with furniture from their own collection. For people who have already moved out of the house, furniture and staging items can be rented by local companies with warehouses filled to the brim with things to make any house look beautiful.

What about the costs? Staging can be done on virtually any budget. The main idea is it really becomes a zero net cost because the return on your staging investment can be up to 200%[1]. This is because your staged home now commands a higher price and sells more quickly.

In addition, since the vast majority of prospective buyers are looking online for homes, beautiful photographs of staged rooms will resonate better than non-staged rooms.

Here are some great examples the Red Door Team has done with staging homes for sale:

staging example 2

staging example 1

We have professionally staged many homes and enjoy the process of breathing new life into a home that's ready for a new family. If you feel like professional staging is for you, we'd be happy to schedule a consultation to evaluate your situation.