Make a Super Power Team: Partner with a Senior Real Estate Specialist for your Lifestyle Transition

New beginnings are right around the corner for you. To ensure you reach your happy destination, a senior real estate specialist (SRES) is available for you at the Red Door Team.

SRES certified

What is a SRES?

A senior real estate specialist (SRES) is a realtor certified in meeting the special needs of seniors over the age of 50 who are buying or selling their home. The senior population has unique needs to consider during a transition, and a SRES is specially trained to meet those needs. A SRES understands you have unique factors regarding your situation as you embark on a lifestyle transition.

The SRES is well aware you have pensions, possibly reverse mortgages, social security, Medicare or Medicaid that need to be considered as you downsize from your family home. Unfortunately, oftentimes the senior population can be taken advantage of with loan schemes and scams. A SRES specializes in protecting their senior clients from such pitfalls and are committed to a successful and profitable transition for them. A SRES not only can help with the sale of your home, but can also help you secure new living arrangements.

Benefits of a SRES

The benefits of a SRES are numerous, but here are a few of the top benefits.

A Listener: A SRES is trained to listen with understanding and compassion to your needs, concerns, and desired outcomes. With an empathetic listener on your side, you will feel your stress begin to decrease through the transition.

A Communicator: A SRES will communicate the information necessary with you, so you can understand current industry trends, market values, and any legal or financial insights. Armed with sound information, you will grow in confidence throughout your transition.

A Connector: A SRES has invested tremendous time in building a trusted and dependable professional network to help meet your needs and answer questions they can't. They can connect you with attorneys, insurance agents, accountants, estate planners, moving companies, builders and/or contractors. Connected with other business professionals, you will have a peace of mind knowing you can get sound information whenever you need it.

A Problem Solver: A SRES has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through your lifestyle transition from relocating to another home to refinancing investment properties or selling the family home. A SRES is able to anticipate your needs and provide solutions for your unique situation.

Look no further! The Red Door Team has your competent SRES waiting for you. If you would like more resources or assistance planning or coordinating an upcoming transition, please contact the Red Door Team at our office at 425-408-9681.