National Letter Writing Day Realtor perspective

Letter writing is a lost art? It is great to get a hand written note in the mail. On National Letter writing day the encouragement is sent out to put your pen to work, place a stamp on the envelope & put a few messages out to those you love. That Letter then becomes a cherished item. Years ago, my close friend suggested a file folder be kept for Love notes, thank you cards, any nice statements we could collect should go in that folder and saved for a day when you feel sad, or lonely. I took her advice & have a file called Love Notes. Its nice to reach in there once in awhile & see what I was appreciated for.

This National Letter writing day brings to mind my most recent experience with a Seller who was working on downsizing & decluttering his home after his wife passed away. I spent several hours meeting with this 90 year old client because the stories he told were so full of love. His relationship with his wife of over 50 years was filled with years where they lived & worked in different locations. In his work of going through boxes of stuff, he found some 360 letters that his wife had saved. These letters were filled with love notes, experiences, opinions, life planning and more. What a treasure for his family . Impressed with those letters and the history of his thoughts brought much joy to my client as he faced the hard task of moving on to live with his family and sell his home of many years.

Write a letter today, it could be the message that someone willread 50 years from now. What a Gift!