Ninety percent of seniors would like to remain in their homes for as long as possible in safety and comfort. The familiarity of daily routines and the ability to live independently are important for this growing demographic, which will peak in 2030 to 72 million seniors aged 65 and above! What does it mean to 'Age in Place' and how can seniors plan to live in their homes for the long term successfully? Here's what we found out.

Aging in place refers to making slight or more complex modifications to the home, enabling seniors with poor eyesight, reduced flexibility and instability to remain at home through the duration of their lives, or for as long as possible.

Many organizations and businesses have sprung up to serve this segment in home remodeling and modification. Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS) are individuals who have gone through the CAPS program to learn exactly how to serve the aging in place community. Many of these individuals are remodelers, but designers, architects and healthcare professionals are becoming specialists at a growing rate.

A CAPS professional is dedicated to the needs of seniors and are dedicated to helping them at this stage in their lives. Upgrades include installing grab bars in the bathtub, adding a personal alert system, creating non-stick floors, first floor bedrooms, walk-in showers, handrails and even widened doorways for those needing walkers and wheelchairs.

The number one issue for the aging in place is trust. One in five are victims of fraud, so it's important for seniors to use trusted sources, verify licenses and work with organizations who have already vetted professionals and reviewed work history.

Nectargy is a local organization which has created a network of service professionals who put seniors first, working together and allowing them to age in place safely and comfortably. There are many companies like Nectargy that have screened a list of professionals who know the desires of this age group and are committed to finding them the best professionals to meet those goals. Check with your local home builders association find companies like Nectargy.

The Red Door Team is a proud member of Nectargy and have been screened and vetted as a trusted company in the Bothell, Washington area. If you are needing some advice on how to move forward with plans to age in place, we would be happy to answer questions you may have. Here is a helpful graphic on the statistics of aging in place for you to view.